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Community Engagement

Working collaboratively is a key way to make change happen to eliminate violence against immigrant and refugee women in Ontario! The NFF campaign is focused on community engagement as a strategy because of the strength in bringing multiple people together with a common goal of raising awareness about, addressing and challenging violence against immigrant and refugee women.

Community engagement projects

To read about the latest community engagement projects by the IRCNFF Campaign, check out our blog.

Let’s Talk About It: Freedom from Abuse, a Fotonovela
(Level 5 English)

Based on women’s real-life experiences with physical andemotional abuse. It provides helpful information allowing neighbours, families and friends to recognize signs of abuse, and tips on how and where to get help. The fotonovela was created using peer actors in a LINC class setting.

View the fotonoveal here ⇢

Beyond Our Lineage:

BOL – Speak! Campaign aims to speak outagainst all forms of gendered violence within South Asiancommunities. The name, “bol” translates to “speak” in several langauges from South Asia and encourages members to challenge the intergenerational violence that occurs. Through BOL, the following videos were compiled:

For more information about the NFF Campaign, please contact Berivan Sarikaya [email protected]