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Become a Peer Champion Educator to End Domestic Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities

Domestic violence is not a private issue – it’s a community issue. And it takes a community to end domestic violence. Be part of the solution by becoming a Peer Champion educator in your community! Learn more about what a Peer Champion is below.

What is the Immigrant and Refugee Communities Neighbours, Friends and Families (IRCNFF) Campaign?

The IRCNFF Campaign is funded by the Ministry of the Status of Women and coordinated by the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants – OCASI. The goal of the IRCNFF Campaign is to increase the capacity of immigrant and refugee communities to recognize the signs of domestic violence and know how to support women who are living with abuse. The Campaign also challenges myths about domestic violence in immigrant and refugee communities.

What do Peer Champions with the IRCNFF Campaign Do?

Peer Champions act as ambassadors for the IRCNFF Campaign in their communities. After being selected, they complete online training on domestic violence prevention and learn how to hold educational events that raise awareness and promote action. After their training, Peer Champions design and run two educational events in their community about domestic violence. Peer Champions have the freedom to design these events in creative ways. Peer Champions can schedule the events according to their convenience.

What Supports will a Peer Champions Receive from the Campaign?

Peer Champions will receive:

  • a $1000 honorarium for their work
  • innovative Campaign resources to hand out and use at their events
  • direct ongoing support from the IRCNFF Campaign Coordinator in developing their events and running them
  • learning and networking opportunities through OCASI

Who is Eligible to Apply?

To apply, you must be

  • over the age of 18
  • part of an immigrant or refugee community
  • able to facilitate two educational events in your community
  • people of ANY gender can apply – women, men and non-binary people are encouraged to apply.

Can I Apply as Part of a Team?

There are three ways that you can apply to be a Peer Champion:

  1. Apply as an individual
  2. Apply as part of a team of other Peer Champions. In this case you would EACH have to submit an application, and would still EACH be responsible for running 2 events. So if you applied as a team of 3 Peer Champions, you would run 6 events in total.
  3. Apply as a representative of a group or an organization. In this case you would receive one honorarium, and your organization or group could support you in planning and running your events. You would be responsible for running two events in the year.

How Can I Apply?

Complete an application by May 3, 2024: Apply Today!

If you have any other questions about applying to the Peer Champion program, please contact Berivan Sarikaya

Learn more about the IRCNFF Campaign.

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