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I Want Change

I Want to End Violence Against Women

Every immigrant and refugee woman in Ontario deserves to live free of violence.

Making change

Making change means wanting to take part in anti-violence action! You are not alone in wanting to do this!

You would be joining hundreds of other people in Ontario who are taking action to eliminate violence against immigrant and refugee women!

Who can take action

All members of the community are needed in taking action on violence, including:


…can support women directly.

...can participate in local community efforts to raise awareness about violence against immigrant, refugee and non-status women (e.g. attend or organize community events, put up flyers or posters, participate in a rally, talk to elected officials or community leaders)


…can play an important role in direct support (e.g. her children may already know and trust you, so they might feel comfortable staying with you if needed)

…can, where it’s safe, bring the issue of violence against women for discussion within the family (which could impact younger generations as well as elders)


…can sometimes be the only support a woman has (if she migrated without family or is isolated in her neighbourhood) so listening, believing and asking her what she needs are so crucial

…can create an open space for discussion of difficult topics including violence against women, which may lead to broader action like participating as a friends circle in a public events or supporting campaigns or videos


…can think about their own behaviour, recognize when they or someone they know is participating in abuse and work to stop it

…can bring a much-needed voice in conversations with other men (young and old) about how violence against immigrant, refugee and non-status women must end


…can ensure their work includes supporting women directly, especially when women within activist communities come forward to discuss violence or abuse experienced within activist circles

…can bring an intersectional approach to their work (whatever it might be) so that the issue of violence against immigrant, refugee and non-status women is not ‘left behind’ or ‘missed’


…can work to create a supportive community when fellow community members discuss violence or abuse (whether in their work or directly)

…can carefully bring the issue of violence against immigrant, refugee and non-status women to the public through their work, their public presence or through their networks and connections


I Want Change