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Newmarket Muslim community takes action on violence against women

Friday sermon and community Iftaar dedicated to discussing abuse

Ramadan is a holy month of fasting for Muslims around the world; a time of spiritual renewal, charity and reflection. IRCNFF Peer Champion Imam Mohammed Bemat, Imam of the Newmarket mosque, marked the third Friday of Ramadan by educating this congregation about violence against women and sharing resources about abuse with the community.

Every Friday, many Muslims attend Friday prayer, where they listen to a sermon before praying together. On June 16th, Imam Bemat’s sermon was about the theological and spiritual foundations for standing up against abuse within families and helping women who are living with abuse. A few hours later, Imam Bemat hosted a family and community Iftaar potluck, with 300 people in attendance. At the potluck, he held a practical discussion about domestic violence and how to support women who are living with abuse. He also shared IRCNFF resources about abuse with the families who were in attendance.    

By discussing violence against women during the important time of Ramadan, Imam Bemat prioritized this subject for his congregation. We look forward to the initiatives the Newmarket Muslim community has planned next!

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