Bill 53: Victims of Abuse and Rental/Lease Agreements

If enacted in Ontario, Bill 53 would allow victims of abuse to get out of rental and lease agreements faster. Read a brief article about the proposed changes written by MuslimLink, Ottawa's Community Newspaper.

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Questions and Answers for Immigrant and Refugee Women: Did your Husband or Boyfriend Hurt You?

The following is a practical resource that you can share with women you are working with. This resource has been created by Springtide Resources: Ending Violence against Women.

Information on Child Custody and Access for Immigrant and Refugee Women: Some Questions and Answers

Q: In my community children are considered their father's "property". If I leave my children's father, won't I have to leave them too?

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Immigrant and Refugee Abuse

According to a Springtide Resources: Ending Violence against Women article, issues abused immigrant and refugee women deal with include:

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Violence against women: An international epidemic
In an article by Gerald Caplan for The Globe and Mail, the issue of violence against women is explored from both a global and national perspective. Please note that this is not an academic article; it provides the author's viewpoints which are rooted in a gendered-analysis.
Gendered Analysis of "Honour Killings"
In an article by Gerald Caplan of The Globe and Mail, the social issue of 'honour killings' is explored and examined with a gendered analysis, as opposed to a cultural analysis.  Please note that this is not an academic article, and reflects the opinions of the author.Read more
Don't Rape, Part 1
Don't Rape is an article exploring how society tends to place the onus of not getting raped or sexually assaulted on women, rather than placing the responsibility on people not raping or sexually assaulting. The article is written by Hilary Beaumont, a freelance journalist and editor in Halifax. The article was published by the Halifax Media Co-Op. View the bottom of the article for links to part 2 and 3. 
Child Custody Changes in Ontario
The following is an excerpt from a CBC News article dated Tuesday, March 2, 2010 titled Child Custody Changes Take Force in Ontario .
"Changes to how Ontario courts handle child custody cases came into effect March 1, reforms the government says will provide better protection for children. The move came about, in large part, as a result of the killing of seven-year-old Katelynn Sampson in the summer of 2008. The child's legal guardian, Donna Irving, was convicted of the murder, along with her boyfriend, Read more
Leaving an Abusive Sponsor

The following is an article written by the Ontario Women's Justice Network in December 2008. To read the article at source, click here. 

Q. Who is a sponsor?

A. A sponsor is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who makes an application under the Family Sponsorship category to help family members immigrate to Canada.

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